Counselling and guidance in the European higher education area: a guide for students and teaching staff

The University of Granada, within the framework of actions led by the Campus of International Excellence (CEI BioTic Granada), and as part of its active commitment to promoting internationalsation, is pleased to present this new English edition of Counselling and Guidance in the European Higher Education Area: A Guide for Students and Teaching Staff

Created by the University's Counselling and Guidance Unit (The Gabinete Psicopedagógico or GPP in Spanish) and edited in 2009, the Guide is the result of the Unit's extensive experience of providing advice and guidance services within a wide range of context - personal, academic, and vocational. It has proved to ve an extremely useful and effective tool both students and teaching staff, offering invaluable pointers with which to understand, prevent and deal with some of the key difficulties encountered in adjusting to university life and their impact on academic performance and personal wellbeing.