Social Care Unit

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Social Care Unit

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We offer:

•Support to disabled students, by means of the management of aid, specialised programmes and follow-up of the particular actions that stem.

•Personalised social attention for the students who are dealing with financial, familiar or social problems.

•Social assistance for foreign students.

The programmes we conduct to reach our goals are the following:

•Sharing accommodation between students and elderly or disabled people.

Through this programme, the elderly or disabled people offer lodging at their home to university students and they receive collaboration in different tasks and activities of leisure and free time in exchange, i.e., going with them to the doctor’s, go shopping, and so on.

• Social intervention programme aimed at students with sensory deprivation (deaf or blind people) or physical disability

Full integration of these students into the University.

Resources: adapted transport, sign-language interpreters, scholarships for transport, students' support collaborators for students with visual or auditory disability, wave selectors devices for deaf students and notebooks with copy.

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