Support services for international students with special needs

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Support services for international students with special needs

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As part of its equal opportunities policy, the UGR provides incoming students on international mobility programmes with the same personalised assistance and use of resources and back-up received by any other UGR student: information and counselling, specially adapted transport, lecturer/tutor-student liaison personnel, F.M. equipments, carbonless-copy notepaper and “reserved” signs for front-row lecture-room seats, correspondence with lecturers, Spanish sign-language interpreters, specially adapted lecture-room fittings (desks, chairs, etc.), use of the SADDIS (documentary back-up service for special-needs students), etc.


All overseas students with special needs who are officially enrolled at any of the foreign Universities involved in exchange partnerships with the UGR and who will be spending a study period at our University. The student will need to prove that s/he suffers a physical and/or sensorial disability, or an incapacitating illness, that has been officially diagnosed and evaluated by the corresponding home country’s health authorities. In absence of this, the student will have to provide documents showing that s/he requires specific assistance for “special educational needs”.


  • Applications should be sent to the Student Welfare Service (SAE) by e-mail or post. The student will need to go, in person, to the Social Assistance Office (GAS) on arriving in Granada.*
  • Applications should be sent to the SAE at least two months before the student plans to arrive in Granada, specifying the type of disability, the specific characteristics and the assistance required.
  • All applications sent should be supported by the necessary professional evaluation reports, issued by the home University or the corresponding bodies in the country of origin. These reports must reflect the specific recommendations or measures required to ensure an optimum study environment for the student.


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